Does A Lawyer Need A Website?

After I started the research for the subject of this post, I realized it seems inane. First of all, When I typed ‘Does a lawyer need a website?’ one of the first links to come up was “Should I trust a lawyer without a website?”  So that in it of itself should end this article. 

However, it won’t, because I already decided on writing this article.  First, let’s think for a moment what happens if a potential client is looking for your law firm’s website and you have no online presence.  So that means a potential client, was (1) doing an online search, (2) did not find your website, and  (3) ended up finding your competitor’s website and hired them.   As a result, when other local lawyers have a website that accurately describe how they can handle a clients needs, and your firm has nothing to compare. Major. Red. Flag.  Likewise, instead of asking, do I need a website?  Remember that clients are out there asking why wouldn’t a lawyer have a website?  Are they trying to keep themselves out of the spotlight for some reason?  Can they not afford a simple website?

You Are Missing Out on Potential Clients

Maybe, you still don’t want a website… Perhaps you think you’re doing fine without one.  But for how long?  According to recent surveys, the biggest challenge for small businesses is gaining a new clientele base.  You might have business cards, or great word of mouth, but you’ll never know how many clients you have lost after hearing about you, but passing because of you not having online presence.

When other local lawyers have a website that accurately describe how they can handle a clients needs, and your firm has nothing to compare. Major. Red. Flag.

Above all, an online presence doesn’t have to consume your time and wallet.  Therefore, you just need the basics, at a low cost, then put it out of your mind, knowing that your site is working for you.

Here’s what you need:

  • A mobile-responsive website so it looks good on any device, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
  • A modern eye catching bio page to break down your experience and make it relevant to the client.
  • Practice pages that explain what kinds of cases your capable of taking on.
  • Your design should look sharp to impart confidence for potential clients.
  • A contact us page should have a phone number so people can reach you.
Lawyer Needs a Website

That’s it! In short, lawyer website design does not have to be complex. Again, if you are trying to achieve a website that produces a positive feeling with people looking for you online, you don’t need a 100-page website with a ton of blog posts or content.  Use your website as a digital resume with your potential client base in mind.  Just remember these basics, and you’ll be on your way to a fruitful business with endless opportunities.

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