What is Google My Business?

In June 2014 Google launched “Google My Business.” But what is it and why should your law firm be on it? Because it’s free advertising!

Why is it Free?

Because Google wants business owners, including law firms, to have control of what shows up in their search engines when a user types in your law firm. So let’s look at a couple benefits of taking advantage of this FREE TOOL!

Lawyer Website Mobile Ready

You Can Post Content

It’s a great place to post status updates, pictures, and reviews about your law firm. Everyone knows that people hire law firms that they feel they trust. The more content you post, the more your audience gets to know you, the more you have a chance of gaining a new client.

Your Clients Can Write Reviews

Many people make their choices based off recommendations.   Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, or a law firm, having good reviews on your Google My Business page makes you credible and trusted to perspective clients.

Your Law Firm Has So Much to Gain

So there you have it.  It’s free, you can post content, and you can have clients post reviews.  If you need help setting up your Google My Business Page reach out to me anytime at 805.235.4846 I’d be happy to help.

Legal Design & Marketing

Looking for a Google expert to run advertisement for your law firm?  At Conan’s Web we will research your competitors marketing strategy and spend up to $300 on Google Adwords to help gain traffic to your law firm’s website.

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