More Than Design.

Unlimited Custom Pages

Skies the limit!  Whether you have a blog, a podcast, or want an individual login page for each client.  Nobody likes putting limits on a good thing, and we don’t think you should.  Enjoy not having any restrictions on the size of your website with unlimited custom pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Use your website to expand your reach beyond the average competitor.  We can help potential clients find your firm above others in Google and Bing.  Using research and trend analysis we develop and implement the best strategies to improve your websites search engine results


Have peace of mind knowing your business is safe.  Starting off with an SSL certificate to give you what Google requires in security.  On top of that, a malware scanner, firewall protection, and daily backups help you rest assure that your companies information is safe.  Your time is precious.  Don’t waste a moment worrying about security.

Unlimited Professional Emails

Professionalism is the basis of any successful company.  Show that with unlimited unified professional emails for all your employees.  Not only showing wholeness, but also the convenience of keep work emails, separate and organized is beneficial for everyone.

Live Chat Feature

Always be available for potential clients.  The live chat features gives you the opportunity to always be there when someone may need you.  Even if your office is closed, the live chat feature can be forwarded to either a hired chat representative or a firm employee.

4 Free Hours Content Management

You’re not just getting a website.  You’re getting your own personal web designer on retainer every month.  Any edits, updates, or changes you need will be done anytime you need them done.  Adding to your blog?  Just published an article?  Don’t worry about how to incorporate it into your website.  Send it to us and we’ll handle everything for you.

Weekly Software Updates

This world is ever changing, and that goes for the internet as well.  Software can easily get out of date and a well designed website can go from pristine to a tangle of glitches that can deter clients.  Have no doubt that your website will always run smoothly while it is getting software updates every week.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Enjoy flexibility.  A dedicated server allows your firm the flexibility of customizing the server to the websites unique needs for CPU, RAM, disk space and software. Unlike, a shared server, where your options are limited.  Conan’s Web ensures your firms needs will always be met so you don’t have to.

Monthly Traffic Reports

Results are what show us that something is working.  Confidently know that your website is producing results.  Data can show patterns and potential audiences to help make improvements.  Learn about your traffic stats that can help you make decisions on what direction to take your business.